Company Profile

Reward Lion’s reputation speaks for itself. Not only have we partnered with several profitable businesses and industries but our partners also have among some of the best reviews and mentions on their award winning platforms and custom softwares. These mentions range from the likes of Success, McClatchy, Top 5000 Incorporated, CNN Money, and many more. Our partners happen to be some of the leading marketing companies around the world. Furthermore our partners have created some of the most advanced marketing analyst software’s in order to pinpoint the best and most appropriate way to gain and also keep customers for YOUR business.

Our Goal

At Reward Lion our goal is to assist you in attaining customer loyalty through our many reward programs. Statistics show that it typically takes 5-7 times more money to find a new customer than it does to retain MORE INFO OR WATCH VIDEO
just one. Without a doubt it is very clear that loyal customers are more profitable and better for any kind of business. Reward Lion is dedicated to applying methods that not only keep your customers coming back, but also spending more; nonetheless, we have also created several programs to assist you in not only gaining new customers but also their loyalty.

Our Strategy

Our methods are simple. In this day and age technological advancements have made it easy to connect with companies and consumers alike; meaning that businesses no longer talk TO their customers, but instead talk WITH them. In short this means customer communication, promotion, and just about anything can be handled digitally. At Reward Lion we thrive on this fact, and intend on executing it in every way possible. Our expert marketing team which deals with Mobile, SMS, and Social Media Marketing has comprised what we call “A complete marketing solution for your business. Unlike some marketing providers Reward Lion does not have any specific businesses or industries that we cater to. On the contrary Reward Lion can provide their services to virtually any kind of industry whether it is small, local, or international.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

A Company That Fits YOU

Part of our complete marketing solution for your business is offering you a completely tailored package that is unique to you and your business. This way you don’t have to pay for services that you don’t use. Reward Lion will provide you with the basics and then offer the other possible services that you may need. We understand that every business is different and has a different approach that they may want to execute. We encourage individuality in every way and this is why we create particular packages for particular businesses. We also provide all of our clients with analytics, statistics, and monthly updates in order to gain more knowledge on your company and what services it may need.


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